International Science-Based Conservation Workshop

Major Conservation & Biodiversity Organizations in Israel

KKL-JNF: Keren Kayemet LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund

The KKL- JNF pursuant to a covenant signed with the government in 1961, it is the official afforestation administration for Israel. The KKL is designed to serve all of Israel’s citizens today and in the future, and shall be based on the principles of sustainable development. The KKL is leading the quest for a more environmental Israel: open spaces, forests, recreation areas and appreciation for our natural and cultural heritage.

KKL-JNF Afforestation Objectives: The Preservation of Diverse and Sustainable Forests that Offers Services to the Public

KKL- JNF's work in Israel is concentrated in six action areas that include water, forestry and environment, education, community development and security, tourism and recreation, research and development.

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