International Science-Based Conservation Workshop

Major Conservation & Biodiversity Organizations in Israel

Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA)

<>The Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) is a governmental body charged with the protection of nature, landscape and heritage in Israel. The INPA is a legally incorporated body under the aegis of the environment minister. To carry out these functions properly, the INPA has three main goals:
1. Protection of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes in national parks, nature reserves and open spaces.
2. Protection of heritage sites in national parks and nature reserves and fostering them for the benefit of visitors.
3. Education to instill the values of protection of nature, landscape and heritage sites and to increase public awareness of these issues.

The INPA has achieved have 190 nature reserves and 66 national parks have been officially declared (as of May 2007), covering an area of approximately 20 percent of Israel’s land mass. More than 200 additional proposed nature reserves and national parks are in various stages of the declaration process.

The INPA deals with varies arenas, such as: preserve biodiversity, reintroduction of species, Protection of Wild animals, protecting nature’s right to water, saving wetland habitats, coastal and marine areas, the Eilat beaches, the Mediterranean coast, protection of the open sea, landscape protection, involvement in landscape conservation, protecting open spaces, protecting the greatness of the past , protection of heritage sites, world heritage sites in Israel, tools for protecting nature and heritage, enforcement, education and public relations.

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